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Background: Second-hand smoke increases the risk of acute myocardial infarction.Canton Ticino (CT) first introduced a smoking ban in public places in 2007.

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Data were obtained from the codified hospital registry (ICD-10 codes).

Results: In CT, the mean incidence of STEMI admissions during the 3 pre-ban years (123.7) was significantly higher than the incidence of admissions in each of the 3 post-ban years (92.9, 101.6 and 89.6 respectively; Both platelet activation and acute haemodynamic response to smoke exposure may increase the risk of AMI in relation to SHS.

This offered the opportunity to assess the long-term impact of a smoking ban on the incidence of ST-elevation myocardial infarctions (STEMI) compared with a population where the law was not yet implemented.

Methods: We assessed the incidence of STEMI hospitalizations per 100 000 inhabitants both during 3 years before and after the ban application in CT and in Canton Basel City (CBC), where this law was not yet applied.

CT was the first Swiss canton to introduce a smoking ban in April 2007, which prohibited tobacco consumption in all public places, including public administrative buildings and offices, cafés, bars, restaurants and discos.

Because Switzerland has a federal political system, smoking bans were enforced later in other cantons, presenting a unique opportunity to compare the epidemiology of AMI in two cantons with similar health care systems but different legislation concerning the smoking ban.

In CT, there are four public hospitals and one single institution (Cardiocentro Ticino, CCT) that perform coronary interventions.

CT was the first Swiss Canton to enforce a smoking ban, on 12 April 2007, which prohibited smoking in all public places.

We identified a total of 1733 residents (70% men, mean age 67.4 ± 14 years) in CT discharged with the ICD-10 diagnosis of STEMI during the entire observational period (April 2004–March 2010).

Absolute number of STEMI hospitalizations and patients’ characteristics are outlined in table 1.

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